5. 5 dollar. 5 dollar sneakers.

Guess what. Walmart sells classic white sneakers for only 5 bucks. Is that a “cool beans” moment or what?! I think they are super cool, and fun to buy lots of cuz you can do lots of things with them! Here are 2 ideas:

Idea # 1: Yearbook shoes. All you need is some shoes you are cool with drawing on, a SKINNY sharpie, plus also I took out my laces and put in a long strip of fabric instead. It’s cuter. Plus you can change out the fabric whenever you want to. Just have all your buddies (or random people you don’t even know, I did that too) sign your shoes! This is kinda a random time to post these pictures… cuz school is just starting :/ I did this on the last week of school, but whatevs.

Idea # 2: just gets lots of sharpies and draw something you like on your shoes. Haha of course mine ended up being Avatar shoes :/ My friend Rach and I drew cheveron stripes on hers (freaking cute.) Savi’s have her name in cool graffiti writing. So yeah, lots of things you can do :]

Have a nice day :) Coming soon: a post about what we talked about in young woman’s today… It has to do with princesses!

Loves, Emma


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