R.E.M, David Archuleta, and 1D: yeah, it doesn’t get much better than that.

So, I don’t normally post music videos… just cuz I like to blog meaningful words, not just random videos… but this time I couldn’t resist. :)  Today I was shown 2 YouTube videos, both of which are amazing. And songs I love. And versions that are even competition for the originals. Enjoy their awesomeness :]

Sad, moving one first: David Archuleta singing Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

Ah, such a great song. And I really like this version. Because it doesn’t make me think of Driver’s Ed…. see, at driver’s ed they showed us all these really sad, graphic videos in hopes that we would never ever drink and drive. But since I already had zero intention of ever driving under the influence all the videos did was freak me out so much I was too scared to drive for a while. (thank you brilliant teacher.) Yeah, I’m pretty sure the entire class never wanted to drive again. But the background track to one of those videos was Everybody Hurts, which pretty much ruined that song for me for a while, cuz I would be trying to enjoy my R.E.M and all I could think of was drunk drivers :p not fun. But it’s ok, I still love the song, and I still drive.

Now for the happy, freaking cool one: The Piano Guys playing What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.

Nuff said, right? When my friend showed this to me today I seriously started freaking out and I think I kept repeating “no freaking way!” over and over. This is one cool video.

So, how many times did you say “no freaking way?!” ;) I mean, this would be cool to do with any song, but no, it’s 1D on top of everything else. Which makes it even better, for sure.

So, what did you think?

Loves, Emma


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