today I wore a grandma dress and it was cool.

I took pictures. And got them off the camera. And even wrote this post. Yeah, that’s quite an accomplishment considering how many pictures I have taken to blog that haven’t actually made it here yet. But I was not going to waste this two perfectly good examples of thrifty shopping!

Note of importance when it comes to thrifty shopping: grandma dresses can be cool. (by grandma dresses I mean vintage, flowery, “not exactly sure if you can pull it off” sort of dresses.)

Plus also: shopping at DI is freaking awesome. I finally got to go and I found awesome stuff to refashion. I’m super excited. See, for our Mia Maid class activity last week we went to DI to find stuff to refashion :] then we got humongous snow cones. awww yeah.

One more thing: clothing exchanges are like my new favorite things. My babysitter (yes, I got to have a babysitter, while my parents were in Mexico) took me to one during the summer and I came home with a giant garbage bag filled with FREE clothes. About 75% of which consisted of big sweaters from the men’s table… I really like them though. I just need cold weather so I can wear them :)

So, here are 2 outfits. Both of which inspired by a main thrifted item.

outfit 1: Scarf, white v-neck, belt from DI, skirt from DI, sandals from Old Navy, small pearl earrings from Old Navy. Gotta have pearls somewhere :)

My refashioning plans for that skirt is to turn it into a fishtail skirt (shorter in the front, longer in the back) cuz I really want one of those. It only cost $5.

Outfit 2: White cardigan from Old Navy, floral dress from clothing exchange, yellow belt, sandals. Hair in a messy side bun.

When I first saw this dress I wasn’t sure about it. this is what it looks like hanging in my closet: ( ignore the messy closet part)

But I have special plans fort his dress: add a peter pan collar (oh my freak I adore those) and possibly make this a fishtail dress as well. I will most definitely show you pictures once I finish it!


P.S. here is a quick thrifty tip:


2 thoughts on “today I wore a grandma dress and it was cool.

  1. Guess what? I just found the CUTEST grandma dress, and totally did the same thing! Thanks for the idea bestie! :)

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