This is a really cool scripture (I mean, it talks about pearls!)

It’s Sunday, so my other post drafts will just have to wait. This post is about a scripture. One that I have had marked for a while, I freaked out when I first read it because, guess what, it’s about pearls. Yes, pearls. And you know how I love those things. I’ve written plenty of posts about them.

I’ve been wanting to write about this scripture for a while, but I wasn’t sure how. But one simply cannot read a scripture written specifically about something they adore and not write about it. At least, I can’t. But today in Sunday School today we were reading in Matthew and I noticed this scripture once again (probably because I have it marked in multiple colors and have “PEARLS!” written really big next to it… just a thought) and was prompted once again to write a blog post about it. And I finally figured out what to say.

Oh, maybe I should share the scripture with you. It’s Matt. 7:6.

Message I want to share:

Girls, don’t ever lower your standards for anyone. No matter how good-looking they are, or how smart, or how talented, or how much they tell you you’re beautiful. If they are asking you to lower your standards they are not worth it. A boy who really loves you will never ask you to do anything you don’t want to do.

Never lower your standards because you’re lonely.

You have pearls. Hold on to them with all you’ve got.

Never throw them away.

It’s never worth it.

 Take it from the scriptures. And take it from this girl right here, she learned the hard way. But don’t you worry, she learned.



2 thoughts on “This is a really cool scripture (I mean, it talks about pearls!)

  1. I really like that. I’ve always had an elusive idea that in some way that scripture was really neat. This is an amazing way of thinking about this. Thanks!

    • I’m glad someone enjoyed my take on that scripture :) I agree, I always knew something was awesome about that scripture, it wasn’t until now that I knew why I liked it so much. Thanks for you comment!

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