For the Love of College Emails

Maybe I should read all of these college emails I keep getting. I really shouldn’t have marked the “send me hundreds of e-mails if you like my test scores” box. My inbox is packed with unopened emails and they all say “Emma, we want you!” Really, I’m flattered that you know my name and want me, but I’m really not interested in reading all of those emails. They are mostly just the same thing over and over again, and most of them don’t even say right off where the heck their campus is even located, now that’s something I would like to know. I prefer getting letters in the mail, because those usually include a picture of the campus. If it looks pretty I read the rest of the postcard, if it looks like nothing but concrete and city lights I throw it away. I know, I shouldn’t judge a school by its cover, but I can’t help it. Most high schools are ugly, I want to go somewhere beautiful for college. Plus I already know where I want to go to college.

Southern Virginia University.

It’s a tiny, private LDS college in a beautiful area. Note, IT’S TINY. Which makes it perfect for me. Okay, I really am working on expanded the amount of people I get an education with, I might go to the local high school next year for photography and nice classes like that. And I have been working on getting used to abhorring amounts of teenagers, by visiting my friends during lunch at the giant high school. I’m getting better. But SVU still sounds like a lovely place.

Anywho, I was just debating whether or not I am ever going to open all of those emails. I opened one… Then I wrote this post.


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