The Fishy Braid

Do you smell something fishy goin’ on? Oh it’s probably this totally awesome fishtail braid bun! haha wow… that’s was… cheesy. whatevs. I tried another Pinterest hairdo :] ta da: Warning: these aren’t the most wonderful pictures, and this was my first time doing this hair style :/ Step one: French fishtail braid your hair to […]

What I think Sarah’s hair would always look like if she were french.

Woah, that’s a very long post title I just wrote, isn’t it. hmmm. whatevs. I like it. Well this hairdo involves a french braid. My french teacher is actually french, and her hair is insane. In a good way I guess, it’s cool. And unique. And totally her. Yeah, it’s crazy. Most conversations I’ve had […]

Oh for the love of hair

So, its sunny outside :] Which got me thinking “oh goodness, it’s almost time for shorts and sandals and summer hairdos!” So here are some of my faves, which I totally plan on doing this summer: Source: via Emma on Pinterest Source: via Emma on Pinterest Source: via Emma on Pinterest   […]

Number 1: Flat Iron Curls

Now its time for hair curler number one! It’s a flat-iron, or I call it a straightener. This is my absolute FAVORITE way to curl my hair and I get better at it every time I do it! First, like I said with the BIG CURLS I never start by putting the top layers of my […]

Number 2: Big Curls

I have noticed that my post on how to do a high messy bun is getting more views than any other page, so I thought I would start putting more hair ideas on here! This is the only idea I have taken pictures of so far, but don’t worry, I will do my hair super […]