This thing I wrote about modesty and when I met 1D

I have never been glared at so much in one day. The girls with the most venomous looks were the two in super tight mini skirts and sky high heels. They were at least 50 yards behind the rest of the group. Dressed to the nines but looking awkward and extremely uncomfortable. I was wearing […]

today I wore a grandma dress and it was cool.

I took pictures. And got them off the camera. And even wrote this post. Yeah, that’s quite an accomplishment considering how many pictures I have taken to blog that haven’t actually made it here yet. But I was not going to waste this two perfectly good examples of thrifty shopping! Note of importance when it […]

5. 5 dollar. 5 dollar sneakers.

Guess what. Walmart sells classic white sneakers for only 5 bucks. Is that a “cool beans” moment or what?! I think they are super cool, and fun to buy lots of cuz you can do lots of things with them! Here are 2 ideas: Idea # 1: Yearbook shoes. All you need is some shoes […]

Stars & Stripes {outfits for the 4th}

I just remembered it’s the 4th of July on Wednesday! So I decide it was time. I have been wanted to share outfits with these colors for a long time. Cuz they are my absolute favorite colors when it comes to clothes. Plus they put a cool twist on the normal red, white and blue […]

Refashion Show (I think I’m on part 3……)

Quite often I feel that there is so much I could blog about that if I don’t write a post everyday I will never have time to write it all… Cuz there is just so much good stuff to say. But then I was looking through my Pinterest Words&Such board and I couldn’t choose what to write […]

Upcycled TOMS

I just remembered I had some pictures to blog :) Haha here we go: {My inspiration:} Source: via Emma on Pinterest   I kept seeing a bunch of refashioned TOMS on Pinterest so I decided that I just had to make some myself. I started out with my mom’s old pair of TOMS. They […]

And The Show Goes On

Here are some more pictures of things Rachel and Mckenna refashioned: White Jeans: How to make fat pants into skinny pants Cool, right? Here is a tutorial: They made some red jeans too. I love those ones. Okay, I have decided I really want some red jeans. My dad likes to make fun of […]

Refashion Show

Two of my best friends Rachel and McKenna spent 3 whole weeks doing nothing but watching Lost and buying used clothes and refashioning them.  They made the cutest clothes ever! I’m serious, they are so adorable. And the crazy thing is they both got entirely new wardrobes for dirt cheap. Because everything they bought just cost a few bucks each at […]

Always Wear Red Shoes {P.S. I got my pictures taken}

I don’t really know what this post is about. It is kind of an outfit idea, kind of an announcement about my fabulous pictures, but mostly its an ode to shoes. red ones. So, my mom has been trying to get my 14-year-old pictures taken for half a year now, and it finally happened! A girl […]