For the Love of College Emails

Maybe I should read all of these college emails I keep getting. I really shouldn’t have marked the “send me hundreds of e-mails if you like my test scores” box. My inbox is packed with unopened emails and they all say “Emma, we want you!” Really, I’m flattered that you know my name and want me, but […]


I am an outgoing introvert. I love my friends, but one of my common phrases is “but I don’t like people….” It’s not really that I don’t like people, sometimes I just don’t like being around them. Really, three months ago I hardly ever hung out on weekends. People would want me to do something […]

The Water Doesn’t Work

Water, lanyard, Ebay, “hugging is optional”, thirsty, Mario and Luigi, legal, 2 hours, only 55 more minutes, Bat-woman, bathroom. It’s funny how when someone says “the water doesn’t work” your throat is suddenly dry. It’s sad how we are talking about Ebay and Batman lanyards and thirst, when people are starving in Africa, as they […]

Stargirl (# 2)

One of my favorite books ever is Stagirl, by Jerry Spinelli. Source: via Melissa on Pinterest     Leo Borlock loves porcupine neckties. They are his obsession, until Stargirl Caraway joins his high school. “She was the opposite of cool; she held nothing back..” She was home-schooled her entire life, everyone blames it on that. Everyone blames it on her parents. No […]

In a Nutshell (# 1)

The next three posts are an assignment for school. Really, Mrs. Martinez just said “Okay, for the next assignment [in multi-genre writing] I need you to create a blog and write these three posts.” WORLD’S BEST ASSIGNMENT. Just saying. Post number one is supposed to be titled “My perfect day.” The Funnies, cinnamon sugar toast, […]