Finally, I have found enough time to make my blog just how I want it. unfortunately that means moving it over to Blogger. And changing the url. Here is the link for my new blog: Musings of an Adventurer Same thing, just a new look, as they say. Yes, the new blog will still contain my […]

My Holy Places/ I Know

I just got home from the General Young Women’s Broadcast for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, during which I was challenged to write about my holy places. The places or moments wherein I feel the most ME, the most powerful, the most like a daughter of God who is living her […]

Stargirl (# 2)

One of my favorite books ever is Stagirl, by Jerry Spinelli. Source: jenaeistoday.blogspot.com via Melissa on Pinterest     Leo Borlock loves porcupine neckties. They are his obsession, until Stargirl Caraway joins his high school. “She was the opposite of cool; she held nothing back..” She was home-schooled her entire life, everyone blames it on that. Everyone blames it on her parents. No […]

I can feel again. Woo-hoo. I can feel again.

You know what its like. You’ve got your life all put together. Every fragile piece is in its place, like the china cabinet my grandma used to have. You don’t do anything spontaneous, for fear something might fall. You hold your emotions in check in order to stop yourself  from falling, from feeling sad. Then something comes along and pulls your world out […]

My friend named Alex

I am really blessed. I’ve got fantastic friends. This is for you, Twin, cuz I promised I would. I have a friend named Alex. We call each other twins because we were born on the same day. Sometimes we convince new friends that we really are twins. Actually, I think that only worked once… He found out […]

The Fourteenth of February

1. Get my driver’s license. 2. Get heart attacked. Then heart attack someone else. 3. Go on my first date 4. Eat breakfast at Kneaders 5. Party hardy with Just Dance 4 6. Make a cardboard car 7. Go “falling” in Walmart. 8. Drive our cardboard car through the Wendy’s drive through. My sixteenth birthday. […]