Bloggy Blog Reviews: Something Devine

Right now I get to talk about some of my favorite people and blogs :)

This assignment: find 3 blogs that I absolutely adore and write blog reviews for them.

Blog Number One: Something Devine

This one was easy. As soon as I heard the assignment I knew I wanted to write about Something Devine. Basically Hailey Devine has done everything I want to do one day, and more. She married her sweetheart returned-missionary in an LDS temple. She left college after one semester and now makes enough money, doing what she loves, to take day trips to new york! (my Friend Shelby also blogged about her :) on her lovely blog) Now she travels the world taking wonderful pictures and making professional wedding videos. Hailey’s got great style, ah she is so cute. I feel kind of like a creeper, being that she has no idea who I am, but I totally love her. But hey, just a normal day in the life of an average blogger, right? Blog stalking and loving people you haven’t ever actually met.

The idea of totally messing up the norm and leaving college early, yet living life doing exactly what you love with the person you love? That makes me want to do a little happy dance.

Something Devine has a really simple design. It’s really all about the pictures and the words, not all of the extra bloggy stuff. I like really simple designs. When I finally have time to design my blog exactly how I want it, (and I will have time starting in one week!) my blog is going to be simple looking, not packed full of extra stuff.

Hailey’s writing style is fun to read, it’s engaging. And grammatically correct :] The quality of a blog is definitely higher when the blogger has good grammar. I am a grammar freak, but sometimes my grammar lacks when I blog… I use sentence fragments too much, for sure…

I am supposed to write two more blog reviews after this, but writing about Something Devine was a no brainer.

More awesome blog info to come :)



The Water Doesn’t Work

Water, lanyard, Ebay, “hugging is optional”, thirsty, Mario and Luigi, legal, 2 hours, only 55 more minutes, Bat-woman, bathroom.

It’s funny how when someone says “the water doesn’t work” your throat is suddenly dry.

It’s sad how we are talking about Ebay and Batman lanyards and thirst, when people are starving in Africa, as they say.

Their trials are different from mine. That doesn’t make mine smaller.

Except right now mine only involve waiting for a Batman lanyard to come, and the fact that the water doesn’t work.

Would you like an explanation? First of all, I was trying out a type of poetry I’ve never written until now. It’s called found poetry. Basically you take ANYTHING WITH WORDS, such as, your history notes, the shopping list, a conversation, a novel, the words coming out of the radio, and you write a poem about it. In Multi-Genre Writing today we all stood up and had mini conversations with random people in the class. Then we wrote down significant words or themes from the conversations and based our poems on those words. That’s what the list at the top is.

Two hours ago the water in my school stopped working. Evidently after two hours it is illegal to continue to hold school when there is no water, something like that. So unless the water turns on in exactly one minute, I get to miss French and go home early. The more I think about it, the thirstier I get. Some people feel like this constantly.


“I don’t know what I think until I read what I say” (# 3)

How can you use your talents and interests to “join the conversation” online?

That is topic number three for our class blog posts.

Well my main interests happen to be blogging and writing, which means I share my opinions and thoughts online all of the time. But as far as “joining the conversation” goes… maybe my conversations are really one sided… I am fully aware that sometimes when I write blog posts I am basically talking to myself. Not because no one reads them, but more because I talk things through in order to sort them out in my brain. My Socratic teacher is fully aware of this. Usually my comments are just me talking things through until I formulate my opinion. So, often when I write blog posts they are really just for me, to get my thoughts out so they organize themselves.

Source: via Emma on Pinterest


And that’s how I join the conversation online. I let my thoughts escape to a place where anyone who wants to can read them online.

Thanks for reading my crazy thoughts :]


Stargirl (# 2)

One of my favorite books ever is Stagirl, by Jerry Spinelli.



Leo Borlock loves porcupine neckties. They are his obsession, until Stargirl Caraway joins his high school. “She was the opposite of cool; she held nothing back..” She was home-schooled her entire life, everyone blames it on that. Everyone blames it on her parents. No one realizes that Stargirl is different because she knows who she is. Soon, Stargirl is all Leo can thing about, she is all anyone can think about. Mica High School was completely used to being nothing but normal, and Stargirl got in the way of that.

I won’t tell you what happens. And its hard to explain how much Stargirl is like my life. But I can share some of my favorite quotes from the book.



We all dress up like other people. Yes, sometimes it’s an actual, real live, touchy feely costume; I was Captain America for Halloween and I did feel like the bombdotdiggity. But more often it’s a costume we don’t even realize we have on. Or we convince ourselves or other people that we aren’t wearing a costume and that is the real us, when it’s not (see Masks). Because sometimes we are just dogs, cats, or turtles, and we think we need to be cowboys, clowns, or ballerinas. When we don’t need to be anything, we should just be ourselves.

Stargirl is a lovely book. You should really read it.



I do not own the copyright for Stargirl, or Love, Stargirl.

In a Nutshell (# 1)

The next three posts are an assignment for school. Really, Mrs. Martinez just said “Okay, for the next assignment [in multi-genre writing] I need you to create a blog and write these three posts.” WORLD’S BEST ASSIGNMENT. Just saying. Post number one is supposed to be titled “My perfect day.”

The Funnies, cinnamon sugar toast, and Jack Johnson. Plus two of my best friends in the whole world. That is my perfect day, in a nutshell.

Have you ever thought about the oddness of the phrase “in a nutshell”? Once I started thinking about that. I suppose since I am writing about my friends I should describe them to you “in a nutshell.”

If Alex, Neal, and I were inside a nutshell, Alex would probably end up on top with the most space. He always seems to end up in shotgun whenever we are in car. I don’t even know how he does it.

And I would end up squished between the two of them, because sometimes they seem to think that it is their mission in life to squish me as much as possible. And I usually end up in the middle of them, whether its stopping wrestling matches or because they are in the mood to make an Emma-oreo. :P

And Neal would end up on the bottom because that’s what’s left.

That’s our friendship in a nutshell, I guess. See, it’s a weird expression. I just wanted to prove my point.

Anywho, on Saturday we chilled at Neal’s house. You know you’re best friends when you can sit around doing basically nothing and still have great fun. We were supposed to go help Neal ask a girl to prom, but our ride wasn’t there yet. So we turned up Jack Johnson and made cinnamon sugar toast. And there were newspapers all over his kitchen table so we read all of the Funnies. We tried to do the Sudoku but eventually we gave up and moved on the crossword puzzle, decoding puzzle, and scrabble. We tried all of them.  I don’t think we finished any of them.

It was a fantastic day.

This is a fantastic life.

There you go class buddies. Post numba one.


Just So You Know

I’m going here

                                        Dressed like this

Carrying something like this

Someday I will wear a special white dress like this

I’ll go to a castle like this

Salt Lake LDS Temple

 And one day I want to live in a house like this

Or possibly something polka dotted like this

With twinkle lights in the backyard like this

And I definitely want to do this

I am also going to write words like this  

And take pictures like this

I’m going to do things like she does

Audrey Hepburn

And it’s all going to be exquisite.  

And no, this is not me dreaming. This is me planning my future.



I can feel again. Woo-hoo. I can feel again.


You know what its like. You’ve got your life all put together. Every fragile piece is in its place, like the china cabinet my grandma used to have. You don’t do anything spontaneous, for fear something might fall. You hold your emotions in check in order to stop yourself  from falling, from feeling sad. Then something comes along and pulls your world out from under you, like the dog in that picture, and everything comes crashing down, pulling you with it.

And you have a choice. You can keep your emotions turned off, because all of those broken pieces hurt too much. Or you can feel again.

Because when you turn off the bad feelings, you turn off the good ones, too.

Life comes at you fast. But whether its good or bad, its best when you FEEL it.

My friend named Alex

I am really blessed. I’ve got fantastic friends.

This is for you, Twin, cuz I promised I would.

I have a friend named Alex. We call each other twins because we were born on the same day. Sometimes we convince new friends that we really are twins. Actually, I think that only worked once…

He found out I blog, so naturally, coming from him, he wanted me to write a post about him. Alex has a big ego ;) And I personally am the worst person ever when it comes to helping him out with that… I, in no way, make his ego any smaller :/

Hence, this post actually coming into existence.

First of all, since this is what he really wanted to hear ;) Alex is freaking good looking. There, I said it. How’s that?

Alex is one of my best friends ever. He is an awesome example to the other young men in our ward. I have seen him step up and be the leader, and it’s awesome to watch. He isn’t afraid to bear his testimony. He always compliments girls. He is super smart.

He lets me talk to him about stuff and personally decided he will act as my big brother if needed since he is my “twin” and he is older. Only by a few hours.

He isn’t afraid to do weird stuff and be himself. He doesn’t worry about being one of the “cool kids” and always lives his standards. He is a really good soccer player and I plan on actually watching him play soon.

One of my favorite parts of summer is the fact that Alex walks his dog two to three times a day, and it’s always past my house. So I get to go outside and talk to him everyday. It’s great fun.

Honestly, Alex and our friend Neal are my best guy friends. They are some of the most amazing people I know. There Neal, I mentioned you too ;)

This weekend we had youth conference. So I got to spend the entire weekend with Alex and Neal. We had some pretty crazy adventures… And way too many snacks from Neal’s backpack.

Ah, we never took pictures, Alex, for this post! Whatever.

This post is pretty random. It doesn’t really have a point, besides to keep my promise. This can be your final birthday present, okay twin?

Thanks for everything. :)

– Emmers, twin, whatever