Red Lipstick

Trends. In 2011 it was silly bandz. I never got into those, I only had one, because it was an elephant. 2012- More trends that came and went in short bursts of popularity. I went with some, abhorred others, ignored the rest. Until red lip stick came along. 2013- It’s been a trend before. It […]

My Thanksgiving Break Project

I am finally redecorating my bedroom :] My wonderful mom is helping make it lovely. Here is my inspiration: Source: via Emma on Pinterest I am making my room look as much like that picture as I can. Ah, I love it. So¬†we bought this bedspread: Source: via Emma on Pinterest We are […]

today I wore a grandma dress and it was cool.

I took pictures. And got them off the camera. And even wrote this post. Yeah, that’s quite an accomplishment considering how many pictures I have taken to blog that haven’t actually made it here yet. But I was not going to waste this two perfectly good examples of thrifty shopping! Note of importance when it […]

5. 5 dollar. 5 dollar sneakers.

Guess what. Walmart sells classic white sneakers for only 5 bucks. Is that a “cool beans” moment or what?! I think they are super cool, and fun to buy lots of cuz you can do lots of things with them! Here are 2 ideas: Idea # 1: Yearbook shoes. All you need is some shoes […]

chocolate, pearls & audrey hepburn

When I got back from girl’s camp last Friday I was so tired I wanted to cry. Actually I did cry. And then I made a list of all the things I wanted to do: 1. do my hair and make up wonderfully (you know, after a week without a shower at camp) 2. eat […]

What I think Sarah’s hair would always look like if she were french.

Woah, that’s a very long post title I just wrote, isn’t it. hmmm. whatevs. I like it. Well this hairdo involves a french braid. My french teacher is actually french, and her hair is insane. In a good way I guess, it’s cool. And unique. And totally her. Yeah, it’s crazy. Most conversations I’ve had […]