My Holy Places/ I Know

I just got home from the General Young Women’s Broadcast for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, during which I was challenged to write about my holy places. The places or moments wherein I feel the most ME, the most powerful, the most like a daughter of God who is living her […]

cheveron walls & homemade Chex mix

It’s funny how when you care enough to strengthen one of your talents, Heavenly Father suddenly gives you lots of opportunities to share that talent with people. The other night my young women’s leader called me out of the blue and asked me to teach our class about writing for our activity on Wednesday. She wanted me […]

This is a really cool scripture (I mean, it talks about pearls!)

It’s Sunday, so my other post drafts will just have to wait. This post is about a scripture. One that I have had marked for a while, I freaked out when I first read it because, guess what, it’s about pearls. Yes, pearls. And you know how I love those things. I’ve written plenty of […]