Red Lipstick

Trends. In 2011 it was silly bandz. I never got into those, I only had one, because it was an elephant. 2012- More trends that came and went in short bursts of popularity. I went with some, abhorred others, ignored the rest. Until red lip stick came along. 2013- It’s been a trend before. It […]

This thing I wrote about modesty and when I met 1D

I have never been glared at so much in one day. The girls with the most venomous looks were the two in super tight mini skirts and sky high heels. They were at least 50 yards behind the rest of the group. Dressed to the nines but looking awkward and extremely uncomfortable. I was wearing […]

My Thanksgiving Break Project

I am finally redecorating my bedroom :] My wonderful mom is helping make it lovely. Here is my inspiration: Source: via Emma on Pinterest I am making my room look as much like that picture as I can. Ah, I love it. So we bought this bedspread: Source: via Emma on Pinterest We are […]

today I wore a grandma dress and it was cool.

I took pictures. And got them off the camera. And even wrote this post. Yeah, that’s quite an accomplishment considering how many pictures I have taken to blog that haven’t actually made it here yet. But I was not going to waste this two perfectly good examples of thrifty shopping! Note of importance when it […]

The Fishy Braid

Do you smell something fishy goin’ on? Oh it’s probably this totally awesome fishtail braid bun! haha wow… that’s was… cheesy. whatevs. I tried another Pinterest hairdo :] ta da: Warning: these aren’t the most wonderful pictures, and this was my first time doing this hair style :/ Step one: French fishtail braid your hair to […]

5. 5 dollar. 5 dollar sneakers.

Guess what. Walmart sells classic white sneakers for only 5 bucks. Is that a “cool beans” moment or what?! I think they are super cool, and fun to buy lots of cuz you can do lots of things with them! Here are 2 ideas: Idea # 1: Yearbook shoes. All you need is some shoes […]

chocolate, pearls & audrey hepburn

When I got back from girl’s camp last Friday I was so tired I wanted to cry. Actually I did cry. And then I made a list of all the things I wanted to do: 1. do my hair and make up wonderfully (you know, after a week without a shower at camp) 2. eat […]