My New Adventure

Today is my last full day at my school. I am leaving and going back to homeschooling. It’s going to be fantastic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard to leave. A whole lot of greatness came out of these two school years. A whole lot of friendships and growth. Leaving means I will get […]

Bloggy Blog Reviews: Something Devine

Right now I get to talk about some of my favorite people and blogs :) This assignment: find 3 blogs that I absolutely adore and write blog reviews for them. Blog Number One: Something Devine This one was easy. As soon as I heard the assignment I knew I wanted to write about Something Devine. […]

Only on Tuesdays

Every Tuesday and Thursday I am expected to write for at least 5 hours. I’m supposed to. That’s like being expected to eat an entire package of double stuff Oreos all by yourself. Time consuming, somewhat challenging, but completely enjoyable. Except thus far my hours have been filled with writing prompts, a novel pitch, and essays. Not […]